Peer reviewers play a key role in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record produced by this journal, and we are appreciative of your time and efforts to improve the quality of what we publish.

The peer-review process depends on the trust and willing, ethical participation of authors, editors and reviewers. At Southern African Field Archaeology, we ask that reviewers first and foremost treat the manuscripts entrusted to them in the same way they would like their manuscripts to be treated. Thus:

  • Do not accept an invitation to review if you are unable to provide feedback within two to three weeks (at maximum 21 days).
  • Always inform the journal promptly if your circumstances change and you cannot fulfil your original agreement or if you require an extension.
  • Agree to review only if you have the necessary expertise to assess the manuscript and can be unbiased in your assessment.
  • If in doubt, identify any gaps in your expertise to the Specialist Editor when asked to review. It may be that s/he wants you to focus on your area of expertise and has invited someone else who is able to assess other aspects of the work.
  • Declare potential competing, or conflicting, interests that may prevent you from providing an unbiased assessment of the manuscript before accepting the invite to review. Examples of a conflict of interest include being too close to the submitting authors, being part of the larger project, having a competing interest that may affect your judgement, or benefitting in any manner from the paper being either accepted or rejected.
  • Respect the confidentiality of peer-review and refrain from using information obtained during the process for your own or another’s advantage or disadvantage.
  • Do not involve anyone else in the review of a manuscript (including early career researchers you are mentoring), without first obtaining permission from the journal.
  • The names of any individuals who have helped with the review should be included so that they are associated with the manuscript in the journal’s records and can also receive due recognition for their efforts.
  • Do not contact the author/s directly, you will have the opportunity to reveal yourself when you return your review.