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Making sense of space at Dunefield Midden campsite, western Cape, South Africa. John Parkington, Peter Nilssen, Claire Reeler & Chris Henshilwood…63
The Amsterdam Battery: a late 18th century Dutch military installation in Table Bay. Ute A. Seeman…72
A report on the archaeology of the QwaQwa Museum site. J. Dreyer…80 

A small goat, Capra hircus, from a Late Iron Age site in the eastern Orange Free State. J.S. Brink & S. Holt…88

Use-wear analysis of two Acheulean handaxes from Wonderwerk Cave, northern Cape. Johan Binneman & Peter Beaumont…92

A report on the results of a test pit in Strathalan Cave B, Maclear district, north-eastern Cape. H. Opperman…98

Unusual paintings of wildebeest and zebra-like animals from north-western Lesotho. Jannie Laubser & James Brink…103

Preliminary notes on an Early Iron Age site in the Great Kei River valley, eastern Cape. Johan Binneman, Lita Webley & Victor Biggs…108

Report on the fifth southern African rock art colloquium. Janette Deacon & Jannie Loubser…110