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The Journal of BRICS Studies is envisioned as an open-access, peer-reviewed non-disciplinary academic journal focused on the critical and intersectoral study of subjects related to the BRICS, the agency of emerging powers and South-South cooperation. BRICS studies require discussion and analysis that go beyond and disrupt the disciplinary lines of knowledge to make possible knowledge-o
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Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023)

Published: 20.02.2024


BRICS Shaping the Course of Humanity

Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 62

Page i-iv


The role of foreign direct investment by multinational corporations in Africa

Asnake Anteneh Chanie
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 1-18

Technological entrepreneurship readiness

Takawira Ndofirepi, Renier Steyn
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 56

Page 19-37

The BRICS in Southern Africa

Caroline Chagas de Assis
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 38-51

Disease and Dis-Ease amid Covid-19

Nomzamo Gondwe
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 52-66

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Call for Papers


  1. BRICS and Covid-19

The Journal of BRICS Studies invites submissions on Covid-19 and BRICS countries or the BRICS platform itself. The papers are being commissioned to consider the experiences of individual BRICS countries or several of them or the BRICS institution itself. These may discuss such themes as disease and dis-ease in the context of Covid-19, public policy and health governance, responses of public health regimes, crisis /disaster management, education, livelihoods, science and public policy, technology and digitization, finance and economy, communications and media, state responses, non-state responses, vaccination, building-back-better and post-Covid-19 and others. 


  1. BRICS and Africa

The Journal also invites submissions on the convergence between BRICS and Africa, covering both the individual relationships and collective relations between the BRICS and the continent of Africa. The subject is occasioned by thematic analysis of such developments as trade, investment, scientific cooperation, technological transfer, external debt, infrastructure development, sustainable development, energy and so forth. Yet, through these discussions, we can understand if there is sufficient convergence of interests between Africa and BRICS for them to cooperate deeply and broadly into the long-term. We need to understand where this convergence lies and where the divergences are in order to recommend ways of harnessing the former and mitigating the latter.



Submissions will be subjected to peer-review for publication in the inaugural and second volumes of the new open-access online Journal for BRICS Studies. Papers must be between 4000 and 5000 in the case of commentary or debate articles and up to 7000 words in the case of a research article. They must be written in accessible English. Use the Oxford Dictionary spelling. The abstract must be between 200 and 300 words long. Papers must be referenced according to the APA referencing and citation style (author: date). The first page must include the author name, affiliation and email address. Submit all abstracts to bricsology@gmail.com


DUE DATES:  3 September 2021


Siphamandla Zondi (editor-in-chief).