Fluid Theologies: Shifts and Changes of African Pentecostalism

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Nomatter Sande


Fluid theologies, African Pentecostalism, Covid-19, Pentecostal hermeneutics, led by the Spirit


The claim of ‘being led by the Holy Spirit’ has caused African Pentecostals to develop weak fluid theologies. The problem is exacerbated by the deepening of economic inequalities, unstable politics, and poverty. Qualitatively, this article used the response of African Pentecostals to Covid-19 in Zimbabwe as a case study to explore how African Pentecostal theologies lack systematic interpretations. The article concludes that the failure of African Pentecostals to speak coherently about Covid-19 shows the deep-rooted fluid nature of Pentecostalism as believers respond to the ‘moves of the Spirit’, resulting in shifting and changing theologies.

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