About the Journal

The journal’s main area of interest is the phenomenological and comparative study of the diversity of religions, religious traditions, and the religious movements and formations of Southern Africa. Since we foster the equal recognition of all religions, research on the prevalence, relevance, and practicing of World Religions in both local and global contexts, is also encouraged. Research contributions may focus on any of the dimensions of religion, religiously shared or specific values, and the historical and/ or current problematization and contextualisation of religions or religious discourse.

In 1987 the decision was taken by ASRSA to change its journal’s name to the Journal for the Study of Religion (JSR), also under the editorship of Prof Martin Prozesky, assisted by Mr Patrick Maxwell and by an International Editorial Advisory Board whose members included leading scholars from the USA, Britain, New Zealand and Sweden, as well as from South Africa.

From 1993 until 1997, Mr Patrick Maxwell acted as Executive Editor. In 1998 the editorship moved to the University of Cape Town under the editorship of Prof Abdulkader Tayob (1998 – 2002) where it was given a new appearance. He was followed by Prof David Chidester (2003 – 2013).

Prof JA Smit from the University of KwaZulu–Natal served as editor from 2014 – 2017.

Prof Johan Strijdom from the University of South Africa has been Editor since 2018.

The journal’s primary publication language is English for both articles and abstracts.