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call for submissions

To submit to The Thinker please download the PDF form below and submit a completed form along with your submission to thethinker@uj.ac.za

All submissions should be between 2000 and 6000 words, use Harvard Style referencing and be submitted as an MS word file.


Our Growing Audience

The Thinker fills a gap which we identified, between academic publications and very superficial newspaper journalism, where people can be given a chance to discuss issues in greater depth but perhaps in simpler language. Our target market includes the following categories:

• Intellectuals, students and staff, in the world of academia
• Political party leaders and activists
• Trade union leaders and activists
• Business leaders
• Senior and middle management in the public and private sector
• Communicators in arts, culture and other media.

Since we published our first issue in March 2009, with a ground breaking interview with President Zuma and former President Thabo Mbeki, we have established a firm niche market. The Thinker is recognised and accepted as a journal promoting critical socio-political, socio-economic and international analysis and information. From the beginning it has had some well-known analysts and intellectuals contributing. No contributor gets paid.

From the outset we have sought to encourage young Africans to write and be active participants in public discourse, debate and exchange of ideas. We believe that we provide a vital space for people to express their views. Over the first four years we included contributions from about 60 young black writers, some of whom had never previously had their work published. This excludes the contributions to our ‘Readers’ Forum’, as well as the ‘Creative Lens’, which are also receiving increasing support. Poetry from forty different writers was published in the first four years.