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O.A. Ladimeji


This article argues that it is necessary to take into account political, cultural, and economic factors when evaluating potential responses to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This approach is similar to that taken by Joseph Schumpeter, who argued for the essential relevance of politics, culture and economics (1942). This article begins by identifying past national Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policies in Nigeria and their impact or lack thereof. It then seeks to identify the nexus that controls decision making in respect of ICT and responses to new technology, as well as which aspects of policy have been successful and unsuccessful. Finally, the article discusses the opportunities and challenges presented by the 4IR, with a focus on what a successful policy response would need to include and what might be the necessary pre-conditions for success.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Nigeria: A Policy Conundrum and High Stakes for the Future of the African Continent . (2020). The Thinker, 83(1).