Fuzzy Axiomatic Approach to Blue-green Infrastructure Strategy Selection: A Sustainability Perspective

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Desmond Ighravwe
Daniel Mashao


Flood, multi-criteria, blue-green technology, sustainability, fuzzy logic


Flood management is a global problem that has created immense contributions from researchers and practitioners, especially those in developing countries. These people often seek ways to minimise the aftermath of a flood. Recently, they are making a case for sustainable solutions to flood management. This study, therefore, contributes a sustainability model that addresses the problem of blue-green technology selection to the current discussion on flood management. It coupled the techno-economic, social, and environmental impact of a blue-green technology using the unique attributions of three multi-criteria decision-making tools: best-worst method, fuzzy axiomatic method and VIKOR; its performance was investigated with qualitative data sets that were obtained from experts. The outcomes of the investigation showed that techno-economic criteria contributed about 88.18% to the ranking of blue-green technology. The most and least suitable blue-green technologies for a community in Nigeria are Rainwater and floodwater harvesting and Retention lake, respectively. With these results, the proposed model will aid decision-makers strategic and tactical criteria that can be used to evaluate blue-green technology selection.

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