When an article is published by Southern African Field Archaeology, it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0 International License. The journal therefore does not take ownership of the copyright of the published article although the journal and UJ Press maintains the right of first publication and redistribution. In other words, authors retain the copyright to their work and may republish it as part of anthologies, books or other materials under the following conditions:

  • The reuse is indicated as copy, version or revision of the original text published in Southern African Field Archaeology.
  • The original source of the publication is cited as such when reusing the article.
  • Authors and re-publishers accept that the article remains first published by Southern African Field Archaeology.
  • Self-archiving: Authors are permitted to archive any version of their article, including the published version on their institutional repository and any other suitable site.

The licence further permits other users to copy, redistribute, remix, transmit and adapt the work; provided that the original work and source is appropriately cited, and that the multiplication is not used for commercial gain.