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The African Journal of Political Science is the flagship publication of the African Association of Political Science. It is an open-access and strictly peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of the political in all its dimensions and permutations in African and black societies in general. It targets both academic and non-academic readers interested in various pe
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Current Issue

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2022): Vol. 10 No. 1 (2022)

Published: 19-07-2022


A Static Dynamic in African Politics

Siphamandla Zondi
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 58

Page iii-iv


Development as an Intellectual Process

Sehlare Makgetlaneng
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 1-12

Re-Thinking Pan-Africanism and African Integration

Keith Gottschalk
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 13-25

The Debate Between Conventional Ideology and Ethnic Politics in Africa

Seife T.K.
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 26-40

Impact of Digital Media on Political Campaigns

Thabiso Muswede
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 41-50

Building an African Counter-Terrorism Architecture

Jolaade Omede, Arinze Ngwube
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 62-74

Investigating the Legacies of Violence and Conflict in Transitional Justice and Peace

Onu Godwin, Kolapo Quadri Abayomi
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 75-86

Emergency Continued

Christopher Beilings
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 87-96

Delineating the Western Orders of Rights and Reason in Post‑Colonial Africa

Aswathi A. Nair
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 97-106

Examining the Prospects of Consociational Power-Sharing as a Conflict Resolution Strategy in South Sudan

Israel Nyaburi Nyadera, Michael Otieno Kisaka
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 107-116

Book Review

Dynamising Liberation Movements in Southern Africa

Chidochashe Nyere
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 35

Page 117-118

Intra-Africa Student Mobility in Higher Education

Mary Abura
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 119-121

Principle and Pragmatism in the Liberation Struggle

Mabutho Shangaze
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 125-127

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