The SAIEE Africa Research Journal will publish a Feature Section with selected papers from the 6th International Conference on Computing and Wireless Communication Systems (ICCWCS 2022) which will be held at the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA of Tangier), Tangier, Morocco and scheduled for June 21-23, 2022 ( The special issue offers authors an opportunity to expand their accepted and presented ICCWCS 2022 papers into SAIEE Africa Research Journal papers, providing additional technical results and/or further discussions and insights, beyond the 6-page conference papers. All invited and contributed papers presented at ICCWCS 2022 conference are invited to submit the extended version of their work up to 8 to 10 pages to this special issue (at least 50 % of content must be new and additional to provision at the conference). The deadline for submission of manuscripts is October 20, 2022; publication is tentatively scheduled for March 2023. Submissions should be made online at, with papers formatted compliant to SAIEE Africa Research Journal (template).


Nowadays, computer science and communication engineering are two important areas linked and even inseparable. Indeed, these two areas are evolving rapidly and the development of new architectures of systems dedicated to telecommunications and computing becomes very important than ever especially with the emergent of high data rate wireless transmission systems. Another area that is renewable energies which becomes more attractive for researchers to develop both new energy harvesting systems and power conversion systems with good performance and energy optimization. This special issue will be dedicated to some selected papers from the ICCWCS 2022 conference and is an excellent opportunity for researchers to extend their works and contributions. The authors of selected papers are invited to participate and to contribute with their innovative research or technological development related to various emergent research areas.

Topics and Areas of Interest (a broader focus is also acceptable):

1. Antennas & Propagation: Antennas Systems: Theory, modelling, calibration and measurements. Active antennas, reconfigurable antennas. Phased Arrays. Biophysics & radioprotection

2. Passive Components, Circuits and Subsystems: Planar Passive Components and Circuits. Non-Planar Passive Components and Circuits. Planar Filters. RF MEMS. Metamaterials. Emerging Technology. Metallic materials

3. Active devices: THz Components and Circuits. Microwave Photonic Circuits and Systems. Microwave Amplifier & Oscillator. Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting. Performance and Reliability of Components and Systems

4. Renewable Energy: Efficiency and Policies. Renewable Energy Sources and System Integration. Wind Energy Systems. Solar Energy Systems. Emergent Renewables and Smart Grids. Efficient Energy Management in Buildings. Energy Efficiency / Components and Systems.

5. Computer Science, Intelligent Systems, and Information Technologies

This is also an open special issue where everyone is encouraged to submit papers. The guest editors of the special issue are:

• Prof. Ahmed El Oualkadi Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco


• Prof. Pascal Dherbécourt University of Rouen Normandie, France



Further information, including article processing charge information, is available here.